The Mullins family has been in the dairy business for four generations. Numerous expansions to our cheese facility in Knowlton, WI resulted in the birth of Mullins Whey.

In 1988, Mullins began shipping condensed sweet dairy whey to area processing facilities. The 1990’s was met again with extensive growth to our cheese operation. This led Mullins Whey to construct state-of-the-art whey processing facilities in the early 2000’s. Today we offer a prominent brand line of dried whey products for the human nutrition and animal feed industries.

Whey Protein Isolate * Procream * Deproteinized Whey

Why Choose Mullins

Mullins has complete control of our whey supply from cheese development through the drying process. This ensures quality and consistency throughout the entire process for all of our products.

Continuous reinvestment in our facilities with the latest and most efficient technologies keeps Mullins and our product line at the forefront of the industry standards.

As a private operation, we are more versatile to work with our customers to customize the product to suit your functional needs.

Mission Statement

Driven by our strong work ethic and an innovative spirit; we strive to revolutionize the functionality of whey derived products, using only the best most efficient methods. In working with the Mullins family, the experience gained and the outcome of the products we work together to deliver can only be portrayed as unrivaled.

Value Proposition

Having complete process control, Mullins Whey offers consistency in premium products, help setting the industry benchmark.