Whey for Breakfast?

You’ve probably heard about how body builders and other athletes take whey protein isolate or whey liquid protein in shakes and other forms to help their bodies build muscle and maintain it. Liquid whey protein found in whey drinks and whey powder is a very easily and quickly absorbed protein. Protein is very critical to muscles — it forms the basic structure, is a major source of energy when muscles contract and is a major part of enzymes in the muscle.

You may have also heard that essential amino acids (found in liquid protein and protein shake powders) help in building and maintaining most organs and hormones. The protein found in protein drinks and protein powder shakes is also necessary for creating hemoglobin and antibodies.

Yes, that’s right. High protein drinks and high protein shakes provide power-packed protein that is one of the best ways for our bodies to get its essential amino acids.

But did you know that protein drinks can help stabilize and regulate your blood sugar levels too? The best way to start doing that today is with a protein shake for breakfast.